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Appendices to a Study of the master Universe

William S. Sadler. Jr.



- Human beings are mixed up about what the words, God, deity, and divinity mean. – still more confused about the way divine personalities work together.

- We want to give you more truth, more spiritual things, but hard with your poor language. We are allowed to use new words when not available in English to talk about Deity and the big creation, to tell about things, meanings, and values.

- Urantia is one of many worlds, making the local universe Nebadon, then seven superuniverse Orvonton, circling around Havona the central universe, no beginning never end, universe of divine perfection. At the very center, is the Isle of Paradise, not moving, the center point of infinity. God lives there. The seven superuniverses are growing and changing. We call them altogether the grand universe where people lives. It is part of the master universe which includes universes where nobody lives yet, in outer space.

I. Deity and Divinity

1. Deity

- Deity is at work, to do with matter, mind, and spirit. Some of this work is personal ; some of it is not. All of it has the same flavor, divinity.

- Deity can be real as a personality, as God, but this is not all. Deity can also exist before and beyond personality. What pulls all of the work of Deity together is divinity.) above material level, the work of Deity is pulling by divinity.

- Total Deity is in action on each 7 levels, a house of 7 stories. Deity is in action all the time on each of these seven levels.

2. Three Levels

- finite : creation. Have creature like Urantians, having a beginning, created. Only be one place at a time. The Deity level of Supremacy works on this finite level of existence.

- absonite : as something in between the finite and the absolute. No beginning and no ending, not limited by time and space, but not ignore, just transcend time and space. Call them absoniters, not created, are eventuated. The Deity level of ultimacy has to do with this absonite level of existence.

- absolute : Absonite level transcends time and space; absolute level just ignores time and space – it is timeless and spaceless. For example, on Paradise is absolute as far as time and space concerned, where Paradise Trinity works.

- Deity existential (non-growing) : Eternal Son. Deity experiential (growing) : Supreme Being. Deity associative ( grouping together) : God the Sevenfold. Deity undivided (complete oneness) : Paradise Trinity.

- Divinity : flavor of Deity, all acts of Deity. Human beings would understand truth, beauty, goodness. Personality shows it, which appears as love, mercy, and ministry.

II God

Someone started the universe, nothing started this someone.

This someone is the First Source, God.

How he acts with limit, as a personality, to show relative divinity.

1. Prepersonal : detaches a piece of himself, Thought Adjuster.

2. Personal : father of all personalities, both created beings like angels, procreated beings like human.

3. Superpersonal : relating more than fine, like absonite beings.

God : mostly from Universal Father --- Paradise Creator Sons.

God is always personality. (7)

1. God the Father : Universal Father, Creator, the First Person of Deity.

2. God the Son : Eternal Son, co-ordinate Creator, Spirit Controller.

3. God the Spirit : Infinite Spirit, Conjoint Actor, Mind Bestower.

4. God the Supreme : finite God, all experiences of creators



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